About Us

Here at Aquapod, we offer a unique dining experience to the people of Liverpool and visitors from out-of-town. We’re based on Bold Street, snuggled in neatly among dozens of other restaurants in the city’s gourmet district.
We love fish. We love to buy the freshest daily catch from the market on Prescott Road, and we love to cook them to perfection, getting every last bit of succulent flavour from them.
It’s not just fish that we enjoy, of course. Any type of seafood is okay with us. Our house speciality is lobster, cooked fresh by our talented kitchen crew. No frozen crustaceans that have been sitting in a chiller for months on end. Only the freshest, sweetest, juiciest lobster.
If you’re not into fish or seafood… well… we won’t hold it against you. We have plenty of other items on the menu, such as steak, chicken skewers, pizza, pasta, and risotto. We also have a vegan menu and a selection of fresh desserts from Coco Cakes.
We welcome individuals and couples, friends and families, work colleagues and acquaintances to our beautifully-appointed restaurant. We’re a family-run business and we encourage a family-friendly atmosphere in our restaurant. Bring the kids and get them to try some of our amazing seafood cuisine.
We provide a ramp and an accessible lift for those customers with mobility issues and we will do all we can to ensure you’re comfortable during your visit. We have open tables and private booths, with enough room to feed 100 people at a time, all against the backdrop of our peaceful fish.
So what are you waiting for?